Welcome to BSA Troop 414!

BSA Troop 414 meets every Monday at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Norge, Virginia.

We are a medium-sized Troop with a variety of activities and scheduled monthly outings.

For our first year scouts, our focus is on rank advancement with a very exciting program, the objective being that every 1st year scout achieve First Class by the end of their first year. For our older scouts, we have many high adventure activities and opportunities for merit badges and rank advancement as well.

If you are looking for fun & adventure, then BSA Troop 414 might be for you! New prospective members of Troop 414 are invited to visit one of our Troop meetings to learn more and speak with the Scouts and adult leaders.

Interested youth may also begin the application process at BeAScout.org.


MC Needed for Court of Honor

Posted by admin on May 24 2016 - 3:55pm

If you'd like to be the Master of Ceremonies for our upcoming Court of Honor on Monday, June 13th, please contact Parker Slack.

Note that this would satisfy requirement 8 for the Communication Merit Badge.

2016 T-Shirt Orders

Posted by admin on May 10 2016 - 8:17pm

For any Scout who didn't get in on last year's t-shirt order, who recently joined the Troop, or who would like extra shirts (because they're so cool!), please see the attached form and provide it to Tom at an upcoming Troop meeting. You can also send me your order via email if you'd like.

Orders are due on Monday, May 23rd so we can make sure we have them in time for summer camp.

As of 5/9, I have orders from Jonah S., Parker S., Rudy L., Ronnie L., and Jonathan R.

Golf Outing - Sunday June 12, 2016

Posted by admin on May 10 2016 - 1:39pm

Next up on the fundraising front is the 4th Annual Boy Scout Golf Outing on Sunday, June 12th! If you're a golfer, please consider playing! You can form your own team or I'm sure we can make one up with single players!

There are 4 ways you can help with this event:

  • Play Golf! This is definitely the most fun way to help out. Individual golfers are $75, foursomes are $280.
  • Be a Sponsor! Hole sponsorships are $100 and get you a nifty sign on one of the tee-boxes.
  • Donate a Raffle Prize! If you're able to donate something, or speak with a local business you know, it helps us sell more raffle tickets and reward the players for participating.
  • Help Out With the Event! We'll need a handful of folks to help with registration, games, and the opening ceremony. You can sign up here:

The event website can be found here: http://www.planmygolfevent.com/28745-Scouts/index.html

Eagle Quest - June 11 & September 17

Posted by admin on May 6 2016 - 10:34am

Please see the attached registration form, due May 15th, for Eagle Quest in Suffolk on June 11th & September 17th. Participating Scouts must attend both sessions to complete up to 2 Eagle Required merit badges.

Note that the form needs to be signed by a Scoutmaster, so please review this and plan to get signatures on Monday, May 9th.

Note that Troop 414 encourages Scouts to participate in this event, but the Troop will not be providing transportation. In prior years, we have been able to coordinate rides/drivers, and will try to do the same this year.

Troop 414 Online Resources

Posted by admin on May 6 2016 - 7:04am

Organizing and disseminating all of the information used to run Troop 414 is an ongoing challenge. We've tried to find the right mix of tools and resources that will meet a few key goals:

  1. Provide direct access to the information Troop Leaders need to effectively lead the Troop.
  2. Provide communication channels to keep everyone informed about Troop activities.
  3. Have an online presence for interested parties to contact Troop 414.

We are addressing these goals, and try to balance consistency with changes that will significantly improve things in one of these areas.

To this end, we currently use the following tools:

  1. Troopmaster. Troopmaster is our primary database of record for members of our Troop (youth and adults) and their relevant progress (advancement, training, attendance). Troomaster Web and Troopmaster Mobile are available to all adult leaders who would like access to this information. Please contact Katherine Johnston if you would like access.
  2. Troop Website. bsatroop414.com is accessible to everyone registered with the Troop and is updated to maintain our current calendar, announcements, and serves as a respository for files, links, the Troop roster, etc. The account information from the website gets updated from Troopmaster on a regular basis.
  3. Troop Facebook Page.  www.facebook.com/BSATroop414/ allows members of the Troop to share content with folks interested in Troop 414 via Facebook.
  4. Google Drive. Troop leaders also store working documents and document archives on the Google Drive associated with the Troop gmail account (Troop414Norge@gmail.com).

For parents and leaders, there are a few key resources:

  1. Troop Calendar. The Troop calendar is accessible on the Troop website, but the easiest way to use it is by incorporating it into the calendar on your mobile device. This can be done by following the instructions on "Calendar Sync" link on the Troop website.
  2. Troop Roster. Whether you need a ride somewhere, want to contact a Patrol leader, or need to get in touch with someone, the "Troop Roster" link gives you access to contact details for everyone in the Troop.
  3. Event Roster. Troop events, when signups are turned on, can provide a thorough roster via the event page itself. Printing the roster before the event allows a leader to have a handy list of attendees and their relevant contact information at your fingertips. For any event, simply click the Attendee tab and use the printer or Excel export button.
  4. Email Lists. There are a number of email lists that leaders can use to send email to the entire Troop or subsets. The available lists can be found at http://bsatroop414.com/smail/listmod
  5. Troop Files. If you need Eagle Scout resources, meal planning sheets, Service Hour forms - they all live in the "Files" section of the Troop website.

 If you have any question about these resources or need access to something, please contact Tom Spalthoff.

Flower Sale - Help Needed with Signs!

Posted by admin on Apr 28 2016 - 4:45pm

We're looking for volunteers to help make up poster signs for the flower sale. If you're crafty or creative and want to take a stab at it, please let Tom or Andrea know!

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